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First collaborator of the Label, the Zouam Records Studios have housed the name Omezis from 2015 to 2019. Since the creation of the Collective then the Association, Zouam Records  continues to take part in our activities through the Omezis Parties, the Festival but also by helping the collective realizing the numerous projects of its members in a professionnal studio. 

The undeniable quality of its productions make it a must-know, key actor of music production in the region. Thomas is currently sharing its studios with the studios Kawati and Jazzophone.


Omezis is a member of the Independant labels of Grand Est Federation since 2017. La Fédélab aims at helping independant labels to develop and promote their business. It intends to favour the diffusion of musical creation, mutualize services and know-hows, and making possible the collaboration between actors and networks of the phonographic world.

GRABUGE | Réseau des Musiques Actuelles du Grand Est

Créé en assemblée le 5 mars 2020 à Nancy par les participants de l’étude action engagée par la Région et la DRAC Grand Est, cette structure a pour objet de favoriser le développement des musiques actuelles par un réseau régional d’acteurs, large et ouvert, représentatif de la filière et du territoire de la région en complémentarité et en synergie avec ses adhérent·e·s.

En l’état des travaux, ses cinq missions reposent sur :

  • l’organisation du réseau des acteurs de la filière régionale
  • l’appui à la professionnalisation, l’emploi et la création d’activités
  • l’accompagnement des artistes tout au long de leurs parcours
  • l’observation, le partage et la valorisation de la ressource
  • l’adoption de pratiques responsables et d’actions en faveur du développement durable


Since the beginning of the Omezis Parties at Le Local in november 2018, the brains and hearts of La Lézarde brilliantly offer substantial openings to our nights of music through conferences, public readings, poetry, litterary meetings… La Lézarde is an association that tends to analyse and promote cultural, political and social events that unfold from the activities of Strasbourg and its surrounding areas. One of its key goals is also to sensitize a larger audience to said events and share accurate tools to comprehend them, tools that could feed and bring nuance to opinions and favour adequate criticism.

Tip of the spear of independant bars and venues in Strasbourg, this steampunk tavern organize a huge number of events, mainly concerts but also exhibitions, conferences, projections… 

Since the birth of their basement in october 2018, the two crazy and passionnate owners have put their trust in Omezis to fill their space with people up to the limit, and more, once a month.

Le Local is one of these rare places where rusty gutters and shiny buildings cross. Where you find the unemployed and the too much employed. The drinks are refined and accessible, focused on good beers and fancy rums, and do not exclude anyone. Both brain and heart are free to awaken. This is a place that must be saved. 


Les studios Kawati are the meeting place of punks and metal heads of all kinds. This is why its anarchist atmospher has immediatly seized the people at Omezis, who take a considerable amount of time rehearsing and talking and drinking there.

Their spaces are the home of Zouam Records and a handful of creators, labels etc… Making it a boiling casket of culture and creation, delicate, strong, inflammable, but terribly delicious.

The CRMA (Ressource Center for Amplified Music) from Sélestat and Omezis have started to talk about taking their actions together at the end of 2019, on the territory south of Bas-Rhin. Throughout the 2020-2021 season, Omezis and Zone51 plan, among other things, artistic residencies and interventions in schools and cultural centers.