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In order to support our speech, Omezis organizes once a month from october to june, the Omezis Parties. The goal of these moments is to show jazz as a popular, contemporary, disruptive music and culture. They are open laboratories, whose researchers are the artists from the Omezis Collective and occasionnally their friends. Those protagonists who work together garantee an experimental program that feeds the curiosity of an always renewed audience.

With various partnerships (among which stand out La Lézarde and Zouam Records and its students), the collective sets up the openings in the form of conferences, lectures, litterary meetings, and an astounding technical groundwork.

What’s more, we’re all benevolant at these parties that also need scenography, promotion and graphic design (exclusively done by Tamo)… 

The Story

2015 - 2018 | La Popartiserie

After a long and unsatisfactory search of a french jazz label or collective that would fit its vision, Matthieu Drago decides to build one himself. With the help of Zouam Records, they create the Omezis Parties, destined to put on the front lines their rare and curious aesthetics (from the perspective of french jazz networks).

ITJ, Electric Waffle experience, Neptys, Sedna and many more local bands will perform for three years in this Street art galery called La Popartiserie, located at the edge of La Petite France in Strasbourg. The conferences are already in place and the worlds cross, exchange, building with eagerness a vast open door to Jazz cultures.

2018 - 2020 | Le local

Birth of the collective

After the definitive closing of La Popartiserie and a big change in our team and methods, Omezis should rethink not only its structure but also, its events.  Fortunately this year opens a new place for all kinds of fresh music, a music pub with a fantastically built basement to play all night long, entirely dedicated to alternative musics. This underground setting, intimate by essence and energized by a fever only aggravated by the absence of air conditionning, appears to us like the perfect place to set the new Omezis Parties. 

After a few years programing local bands, the focus is put on original creation thanks to the recent birth of the Collective. The partnership with La Lézarde and the possibility to dance until 4am give to our events a new dimension as the audience continue to grow. They vary too, as Le Local’s steampunk feel and ideal location make various social worlds cross paths ; as all of Omezis’s ephemeral creations make different artistic worlds melt in each other : Punk & Lovecraft, Hip Hop, Rock, Brasilian funk, Dancehall, Modern Jazz, Electro, Metal, Poetry, Rap..