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Profoundly attached to the city of Strasbourg, Omezis helps artists of its collective to anchor themselves and develop their projects, thanks to its independant production Label. While it draws from the notions of Jazz and Improvisation, the Label doesn’t keep its limit clear, aesthetically, getting involved only in powerful and groundbreaking pieces of art. The multiplicity of personnalities in the Omezis Label is brought in unity around alternative cultures, promoting openness, artistic, emotional and social diversity, striving to lay a fresh eye on our contemporary world with the ambition of transforming it, be it as fugitive as an album or a show.

Founded in 2015 by Matthieu Drago, Thomas Binetruy, the Label starts up as a 360 production business including booking, management, music production, graphic design, event promoter… The achievements of its artists in various venues and networks in France carry a significant aura to Omezis and great optimism to its members.

The team changes between 2017 and 2018 as new possibilities and directions begin to unfold.

Shortly after Paul Schwartz joins the team in april 2018, the Omezis Collective is founded, and the main activity for the upcoming year is focused on the development of a local artistic network and the organisation and promotion of events. Yet the label still releases the albums of its two historic bands in october 2019 : ITJ and ACOUSMATICS.

The new generation and emerging projects can and know how to attract the crowds, allowing the musical identity frequently reffered to as JAZZ to reconnect to the youth of the world. It is a vast space of creation that we can share standing, sweating and vibrating at the pace of improvisation and this raw, intense energy sticks to the audience as well as the players.

It is through this setting so favorable to jazz cultures that Omezis relaunches its Production Label activities, at the end of 2020.